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Areas of Practice

01Trade & FDI Investment Advisory.

Whether a client wants to benefit from preferences found in a trade agreement or simply find the best FDI opportunities under current legal frameworks, Legistrategy is there to help.

02Advise on Public Procurement, Government Contracts and Public Private Partnerships.

Legistrategy assists you in navigating the complexities of government contracts.

03Corporate matters.

Legistrategy assists clients in safeguarding the legality of commercial transactions by advising on legal corporate matters.

04M&A's and due diligence matters.

Legistrategy assists companies, big and small, in fulfilling their strategic needs regarding mergers or acquisitions.

05Corporations & private interest foundations.

Legistrategy assists clients in the process of incorporation of companies, private interest foundations and bank account openings.


Legistrategy assists clients through our business partner Eticos Compliance Inc., on developing and updating compliance policies, procedures, codes of ethics, verifications, monitoring and tracking of regulatory changes, designing and updating operational processes regarding compliance matters, risk mapping, anti-money laundering, terrorism financing, trade compliance, ongoing compliance support, and many other services.

07Contract drafting and negotiations.

Whether you require drafting or negotiating civil or commercial contracts, Legistrategy provides the assistance to fulfil your needs.

08Administrative filings, petitions and document processing.

Legistrategy helps you save time and money by easing the administrative filing burden.

09Real Estate Advisory.

Whether you want to buy or rent properties in Panama, Legistrategy helps you close the deal.

10Tax Advisory.

Need to pay taxes? Contact Legistrategy for advice.

11Immigration Matters.

Moving to Panama? Contact Legistrategy for more information.