Our Identity

Introducing LEGISTRATEGY, a law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal solutions tailored to your business needs. Our main goal is to become your strategic partner in achieving your success. With an energetic and enthusiastic team, we are committed to working together to navigate the legal terrain. Our focus is on building lasting relationships and providing top quality services.


With over two decades of experience in the Panamanian legal market, LEGISTRATEGY’s team creates value and benefits for clients by promoting decisions based on competitive advantages that we help discover.

Specialized Services

Legistrategy breaks with traditional legal practice by providing comprehensive international trade consultancy services, market access, and specialized legal services that are completely focused on our clients, while taking into consideration the particular complexities of the Panamanian market.

Present for the client

Knowing our clients, their objectives, and potential challenges, we will not only offer them the necessary legal advice, but we will also accompany them throughout their investment journey in Panama.

Services in an extensive range of sectors

Legistrategy serves the unique needs of a wide variety of clients, including the agricultural and food industries, the construction industry, and the services industry.

Culture of flexibility and digital work

Established during the COVID-19 pandemic, our work culture was born flexible and operates highly through digital means

Commitment to sustainability

We care about the environment and aim to reduce our impact on it. We also believe in having a blend of in-person and remote work. We embrace and treasure diversity and our color schemes are inspired by nature. Our company is committed to sustainability and strives to achieve goals that help us and our clients become more eco-friendly.

Our mission is to create value by fully understanding the true nature of your business. We offer tailor-made legal solutions to overcome your everyday challenges while delivering strategies that enable you to take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

Our vision is to become the preferred legal counsel for all your business needs in Panama.

Asesoría legal en Panamá y Centroamérica

We break the patterns of traditional law practice.

Contact us for strategic legal advice.

Asesoría legal en Panamá y Centroamérica