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Legal advisors and strategists

We are

  • Dedicated to understanding your business and finding the best course of action to address your legal challenges and take advantage of your opportunities.
  • Creative and innovative by suggesting the legal solution you really need and not the packaged solutions you are used to receive.
  • Effective at providing practical legal solutions.


Create value by understanding the true nature of your business and providing tailor-made legal solutions to your everyday challenges, as well as strategies to take advantage of your opportunities.


To be the ‚Äúgo-to‚ÄĚ legal counsel for your business‚Äô needs in Panama.

About Us

With more than two decades of experience in the Panamanian legal market, Legistrategy’s team generates value and profit for clients by enhancing the competitive advantage of the company over its competitors. Legistrategy breaks the patterns of traditional law practice by providing comprehensive tailor-made legal advice and consultancy services with a client centered approach, while considering the particular complexities of the market. By knowing our clients, their goals and weaknesses we will not only give the legal advice needed, but also accompany our clients throughout their journey. Legistrategy serves the particular needs of a wide variety of clients, including agricultural and food industries, the construction industry, and the services industry.

Our Values